Contemporary artistic glass and glass painting tradition in Klodzo

The Museum of the Kłodzko Land since its first months documented and kept exhibits related at historical development of the glass in Kłodzko, since the half of 14th century to the nineties of 20th century. Nevertheless the main interests became the artistic glass created by artists educated in The National University of Artistic Art in Wroclaw. The core of the permanent exhibition present in the Museum forms over 205 unique works of art from glass designers and artists, lived in Kłodzko Land and worked in Lower – Silesia’s glassworks after the year 1945. In the permanent exhibition are presented sets of work of, among others: Z. Horbowy, W. Turkiewicz, Z. Janota, S. Gołdyna, S. Sadowski, E. Gerczuk-Moskaluk, J. Robaszewski. The background for the collection is the historic part of an exhibition that ranges products from a former glass-making manufactures, which traditions on the Kłodzko Land ranges to the Middle Ages. From that period are illustrated 14th century’s fragments of glass dishes from the “Szczerba” castle in Gniewoszów, documents, and exhibits related with work of the oldest Glasshouses on the Kłodzko Land in Jugów, Wolibórz, Lasówka, or Batorowo. In the exhibition is possible to see also some works of the most important glass-making industry, which had monopolized in their hands Glass Industry of the Kłodzko Land, among others, Rohrbach group which developed on a big scale production of artistic glass in Batorowo in the end of 18th century. Another part of the exhibition present also some glasses for drinking and souvenir from kłodzko’s springs – Lądek Zdroj, Duszniki Zdrój and Kudowa Zdrój. The historic part of the exhibition closes the presentation of the last post – war stage of glass production on the Kłodzko Land – crystal glass production in Szczytna and Stronie Śląskie and also artistic glass in Polanica Zdrój.