Mechanical clocks popular in Silesia in 19th and 20th century

The point of the exhibition is to present last, manufacturing, and mass production period of the mechanical clocks. On the exhibition few hundred clocks has been collected, including products from two biggest companies on Lower Silesia (19th and 20th century): Gustaw Becker’s in Świebodzice and Eppner brothers in Srebrna Góra.
The biggest group, constituting about half of the collection, are Schwarzwald’s clocks from the half of 19th and beginnings of 20th century. All of them have a very simple mechanisms closed in wooden boxes, differing from each other only by front partition’s decorations. That is why, according to these decorations, clocks were divided on few types: kitchen, landscape, iconic. The big group constitute also mural case clocks and half-case clocks. From the very modest and simple ones to the rich decorated with chimes striking hours and quarters. Another big groups constitute table, cabinet and chimney type of clock.

Beyond this the exhibition permits to see 2 graphic clocks with mechanism. One of this was on a painted church tower and the other on a mill wheel. Furthermore another curious things are solar clocks, sentry clocks, pocket clocks and also mechanisms from the tower clocks. Unusually interesting is the collection of musical boxes which enriches the exhibition.

The exhibition is reccomend worthy both for exhibition’s material and its significance: clocks – time – passing.